Sensual Embodiment YOur unique way

Quirky Queen

A Queen rules her queendom

A Quirky Queen has fun doing it

Embrace your Quirky Queen

Hey girl, Hey!

Ever feel like your body & sensuality can get awkward, traumatizing, & middle school all over?  

If so, you've come to the right place.

Here, you have FULL permission to let go of anything that makes you feel weird in exploring  & loving your body, pleasure, and unique expression.

Your Body The Queen


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Get Your Quirk On!

Here's the deal.  

There's a LOT out there about embodiment and sensuality done in the




Not only is this BORING, it can also feel elusive and exclusive; only for the "cool kids" who look and act a certain way.

I'm here to let you know there IS only 1 way.

YOUR WAY, Queen!

Prince (the physical embodiment of all things sensual, sexual and YUM) said, 

"U don't have 2 be beautiful
2 turn me on
I just need your body baby
From dusk till dawn
U don't need experience
2 turn me out
U just leave it all up 2 me
I'm gonna show u what it's all about"

Imagine that I am the Prince to your full sensual embodied awakening!

When you come into your Body, you come into your power!


Embrace All of You

If you aren't into dark red lipstick and kohl black eyeliner, low sultry voices, and a body that looks like a doll's, GREAT!  If you are totally into all of that, GREAT!

Quirky Queen is here to give you space to explore your body, pleasure, desires, your unique self-expression so you get to be, and love, express, and be, and know your unique embodied self.

Sensuality that is fun, open, expansive, maybe silly and joyful...but definitely has a big smile.  Sensuality can be so loaded, and.  I offer a joyful, open, expressive, quirky,  

Quirky sensual is , to me, a way that we can unpack all the seriousness and weight around sensuality, embodiment, etc.  and just feel free to explore who you are.

We are all at some point in our lives a little silly, awkward, cute, too loud, too much, too little.  And that's perfect.  I want to provide a space, a way for us to explore all aspects of ourselves, our desires, sensuality...without feeling it has to look a certain way. 

and then we shut down, say this is not for me (even though we really want it to be), because...

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It's time we embrace and discover your quirky-sensual...which is YOUR unique brand and blend of sensual, pleasure, powerful expression.

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Past Workshops and Events

New Paradigm Party

Sensual Embodied Awakening

Sensual Embodied Awakening


Shawnrey will be facilitate connection and dance.

Join us for a cacao-infused, fully immersive experience where we re-envision what it even means to gather for fun and connection.

Sensual Embodied Awakening

Sensual Embodied Awakening

Sensual Embodied Awakening


Your Body, Your Pleasure, Your Power is an immersive embodied, 5 week, virtual sensual, empowerment course for womxn who want to claim their Pleasure, Play, and Power

Soul Play Festival

Sensual Embodied Awakening

Soul Play Festival


Shawnrey will be teaching

"Embody All of You"

"Embody Your Dominance"

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