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I’m a stand for transformative experiences that leave people fully-engaged, empowered, and connected.

There is nothing more powerful than an audience, who is fully engaged, fully onboard, and feeling like a tribe, motivated to take action, invest in themselves, and change the world.

The Problem:

The biggest tragedy is when your audience misses out on this experience, because audiences are becoming less patient, less engaged, more distracted, and more difficult to reach – and particularly more difficult to MOVE in their hearts and souls – which is where they MUST be touched in order to make change or to invest in their next step.

What’s worse than pouring tens of thousands of dollars into producing an event, spending months and huge amounts getting people into the room, preparing fantastic content that can transform and motivate your wonderful audience, and then having people show up, check out, get bored, and leave the room – with their minds if not their bodies?  What’s worse than standing on stage delivering your best stuff, and seeing that half of your audience is playing on their phones?

The Solution:

I’m a secret weapon for leaders who want to make sure that their audience is engaged, delighted, and motivated in all the right directions.  That’s why I’ve devoted myself to waking up audiences, to transforming them into  a cohesive happy tribe, seething with passion for the work, and for taking the next step.

I do this at a number of levels…

Shawnrey is an integral part of engaging audience and creating positive energy for the speakers and audience. She commands a room with love, enthusiasm and realness – inviting people to step out of their comfort zone and be present.

Katherine Johnson, Founder at Katherine Johnson SPARK


Event Energizer

Do participants at your conference, event, or retreat glaze over in the first couple hours of being talked at?   I keep your audience energized so they engage with the content, with each other, and with the next steps.

Facilitator-Experience Design

Group dynamics can make or break an event, team, or organization. A group that has fun together, connects and thrives. Sometimes, however, trauma or drama erupts and takes the whole group down.
I design  experiences that  facilitate connection, soothe the underlying issues, so that the group can thrive.

1-on-1 Work

If there is something that you wish to explore that is not listed here, please contact me.  I work with individuals who are interested in developing their own empowered, energized, commanding presence using out-of-the-box, interactive and experiential methodologies.

Performance Keynote

What happens when you combine the energy and artistry of dance, music and audience interaction with a motivational speech that inspires change, connection, and action?  You get Embodied transformation, and an experience that your audience will always remember.  Performance keynotes address issues of individual empowerment; diversity and inclusion (specifically for women and people of color and cultural backgrounds); the power of leading and following.


“Shawnrey was a delight and brought the DYS family closer through her very special talents of connecting people.  I have been in state government for 40 years, attended numerous motivational lectures and speeches.   She truly has a gift!  Thank you for sharing with the DYS family on Employee Appreciation Days.”

Jonathan Brown, DYS Deputy Director of Operations

“Shawnrey is such a powerful and engaging facilitation of our professional development day for educators in Palo Alto (and the signature song that she made.  She truly made our event ELEVATE and rise above all other events we have had. She has such a magical superpower that makes everyone feel so connected and vibrant. We had endless positive feedback. We would love to work with her again!
She is magnificent!

Lisa Lewis-Cogswell, Associate Director, PACCC

“My company provides training to educators with up to 400 participants. It’s important that our events have a high level of energy right from the get-go, and contained in a safe way so that participants feel like this is a place where they can be fully themselves…and connect with others.  Shawnrey is a master of that… the audience better engages with my work. That’s why I want her in all of my events.”

Roni Habib, Founder of EQ Schools

About Shawnrey

Shawnrey Notto transforms the world leadership and team-building by teaching people how to be fully engaged, productive, and alive in their work and their lives. She is an Engagement and Productivity expert, Singer-Song Writer,  and Dancer-Choreographer and has facilitated for trained Banc of California, facilitated business and development conferences, including EQ Schools, The Culture Conference, The Passion Summit, Design Your Destiny Live, and more.  She successfully leads hundreds of business conference attendees to be empowered, energized, and embodied, sometimes dancing in a conga line and having fun. Clients say to her, “This was the best conference I have ever attended because of your energy.”   

  One fun fact about Shawnrey: She has performed original performance work for Justin Timberlake and Modanna.

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