Your Body, The Queen: A 6-Week Feminine Reclamation Experience

Your body is sovereign. 

Your body is wise.  

When you listen to your body's wisdom, you heal. 

You reveal your true voice, and claim yourself as your own.    

This is YOUR time, your power, your unique expression and joy!

Your Body, the Queen

Your Body, the Queen

Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason & featured teacher in The Secret

"BEAUTIFUL!  Shawnrey is a master at what she does. She is an exquisite embodiment of living in the sacred union of the masculine and feminine. Her teaching will change your life.”

This is a Journey of Reclamation

Little girls are rad, right!?

Fierce AF!  They're wild, loud, unapologetic, dirty, huge, sassy, sweet, compassionate, bossy and savoring life! 


Shame Happened.

And those fierce, powerful, free girls began to censor, hide, downplay, parts of themselves to be a "good girl", to be accepted, loved, and successful.  Or they rebelled against the impossible standard and up-played all the things they were told not to do...and everything in between.  

Your Body The Queen is about reclaiming Your Body, Your Freedom, Your Self-Expression, liberating yourself from the painful, limiting the cycle of shame and policing, so that you show up powerfully, uniquely YOU.


The Queen Rules


This is an invitation to remember that this is Your body, 

not your job’s, mother's, boss’s, children’s, shame's.

Not your "failures" or "shortcomings".

It is time to Re-Member your beauty and potency.


Reclaim your Pleasure, Passion, Play, Peace and Power

The 5 P's of Expression,

Pleasure, Passion, Play, Peace, and Power

are the 5 aspects of full embodied expression we will explore. 

We ALL have different experiences. They're ALL valid.

Our unique blend of culture, life experiences, traumas, ethnic background…you name it, will give each of us a different configuration of “strengths” and “weaknesses”, that will help determine whether we have conscious awareness, or unconscious reactivity.

Each week we will cover one of the 5 Ps.

Feel and embody these parts of you.  

Sometimes it will be a HUGE reclamation. 

Other times it will be a deepening in relationship and embodiment.

Re-Member and Nourish the parts we left behind.

We will use movement, dance, voice, journaling, sharing our stories, thoughts, feelings, and yearnings.

Out in the world

This experience is NOT limited to the screen.  We will take this out into the world, our interactions, our relationships, and our bodies.

The Journey!

Week 1: Pleasure

Week 1: Pleasure

Week 1: Pleasure


Journey of 

the Senses. 

Learn to open to the wisdom of your body’s delights.

What is your body trying to teach you? 

Week 2: Play

Week 1: Pleasure

Week 1: Pleasure


Journey of 

Unique Expression and Your Inner Child.

Learn to free your inner child.  

How can you see with new eyes and allow unbridled joy and wonder into your life?

Week 3: Passion

Week 1: Pleasure

Week 3: Passion


Journey of

Energy, Movement and Aliveness. 

Learn to tap into the seat of your creativity.

How can you harness  your emotions to fuel you rather than rule you?

Week 4: Peace

Week 6: Integrated Presence

Week 3: Passion


Journey of

Inner Tranquility and Deep Knowing.

Learn to flow in your feminine fluidity. 

How can you receive and surrender powerfully (without collapsing)?

Week 5: Power

Week 6: Integrated Presence

Week 6: Integrated Presence


Journey of 

Boundaries and Structure. 

Learn to embody your clear and clean "yes: and "no".

How can you claim your strength and stand firm in your desires?

Week 6: Integrated Presence

Week 6: Integrated Presence

Week 6: Integrated Presence


Integrate, share, and be your embodied self in community and out in the world, with confidence, grace and ease.

What's included


6 Live Video Calls--90 minutes-- ($600 Value)

6 calls to cover each of the modules.  These are all interactive and dynamic.  We will be using movement, voice, and music, for a full embodiment experience.  We will also have time for reflection and integration, as well as community feedback. 

5 Recorded Video Lessons ($300 Value)

These are the videos I give to my 

1-on-1 clients to help them get ready and go deep into their journey.  They cover the philosophy behind each of the 5 P's of Expression. 

Supplemental Materials ($300 Value)

Including guided meditations, play sheets that have you get out into the world and live these experiences.

Queen Circle (Priceless)

You will be put into an optional Queen Circle to share and support one another on this journey.

BONUS 1-on-1 45 minute session ($300 Value)

This is a ONE TIME bonus opportunity!!

1-on-1 embodied video coaching from Shawnrey.

We get to deep dive into YOUR specific experience.  Where are you desiring a transformation?   Where are you feeling stuck, limited, shamed, or unexpressed?  We will go into your story and embodiment.

Total Value: $1500


Randy Peyser, CEO at Author One Stop

"I can't believe how my body has morphed from dancing with Shawnrey.  Her program opened up a whole new level of joyful, safe, self-expression for me. I laugh and feel completely safe in her presence. I highly recommend Shawnrey's classes."

Your Body the Queen: $397


Your Body, the Queen: Friend Discount $297


**This is the cost per queen.  When you get at checkout you will see the amount for 2 participants ($594), which is a $100 discount per participant!**

About Shawnrey

Hi!  This is Shawnrey! 

I am commited to embodying, transmitting, and teaching people to reclaim their joy, pleasure and aliveness. 

I am a romantic and sensualist to my core, and not afraid to show it.  My joyful honesty comes from my Saggitarus sun, and my deep interest in all things emotional and feminine come from my Cancer moon.  I am here on this planet to awaken folks their pleasure, truth aliveness and connection, so they can show up powerfully and live their bliss. 

I'm a trained  Intimacy and Relationship counselor, and a Somatic Sex Education Coach in Training.  I am also a nude art model for drawing and painting classes, a former yoga teacher, and an nvid mindfulness and Zen buddhist meditation practitioner, which is why there will ALWAYS be a mindful/meditative component.  Dance and meditation are the tools that saved me from shame, fear of my body, and chronic depression.  I have been getting people into their bodies, self-love, and aliveness since I was 18, all over the world.  

 I've been practicing and teaching embodiment and pleasure workshops and 1-on-1  (having taught numerous workshops and 1-1s in the areas of sensual massage, dominance and submission, and other things around desire and sensuality that are important, but scary for people).  I've been a dancer, performer, and choreographer for 18 years (even got to perform for Justin Timberlake and Madonna!). I have even been an event energizer for conferences (magically getting corporate types, business folks, and even Wisconsin policemen dancing, in their bodies, smiling and connecting).

I believe that when we are to our own bodies, power and expression, we are able to share that and give each other permission to also be joyful, connected, and accepted in their expression.  This is why I do this work: to make a better world, one body at a time.