Wake, Shake & Elevate

Start every day the RIGHT way!

Who would you become in a  supportive community of women where everyday you dance, play, share, & work?

Where you’re held accountable to your greatness, self-care, and vibrancy?

Where you have the opportunity to start and end your day with joy and connection?

How would your life change?

“It’s 15 minutes of freaking awesome.”~~Suzanne Yada, Yada Creative Digital Marketing

What you will get

  • A FULL Week of Dance, every Month
  • 2 Days of the Live Wake, Shake, & Elevate Community with Shawnrey
  • 3 Videos a week sent straight to your inbox with guided movement and dance
  • Active Facebook Community of women inspiring each other to their greatness

“Each day I woke up, connected with other women, set a daily intention and moved my body. Shawnrey expertly led us through movements which connected mind body and heart. She also grounded us with breathing exercises, making the experience land in each cell of our body.
I am so excited to weave this into everyday practice…So very worth it!”

Lucia Paxton,  Coach & photographer at Luscious Love Life

Join Wake, Shake & Elevate today! I will be donating 15% of all subscriptions to charities that support women, girls, and empowerment.

Wake up and Start Your Day the Right Way

Each session will have a check in with the community, followed by slower luxurious music, then faster paced inspirational music, and a community of women who are ready to feel more connected, energized, vibrant, focused, and ready to go!

Every weekday, for 15 minutes, this 15-minute dance class happens live, online, at your own home with an amazing community of women.  Join us and see for yourself what you can create for less than the price of a cup of coffee!

I signed up for Shawnrey’s Wake Shake and Elevate so I could move in the morning. What I have gained is so much more! It has added to my self-care, my joy, and a chance to connect with others as well as share a special time with my four-year-old daughter before we head to school. It’s amazing what dancing in the morning can do for my day!”

Annemarie Shrouder, International Speaker, Facilitator and Consultant